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Non-Approved Insurance Plans

This list includes all plans considered and not considered equivalent to UHIP. Click on the first letter of the country you wish to see, to find out whether your plan is on the list. Also, verify the five plans whose country of origin was not specified, which appear first on the list.

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Name of Plan/Policyholder

Not provided Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Individual Policyholder
Not provided Samaritan Medical Insurance Individual Policyholder
Not provided Bajaj Allianz Individual Policyholder
Not provided SOS International Individual Policyholder
Not provided Travel Underwriters- International Student Hospital and Medical Insurance Individual Policyholder
Not provided QBE Emergency Travel Assistance Individual Policyholder
Not provided Mitsui & Maritime Life Maritime Life
Africa Discovery Health Medical Ins. Individual Policyholder
Australia AIG Corporate Travel American Home Ass.
Australia AHBS Travel Ins. Army Health Benefits Scheme
Australia Australian Unity Australian Unity
Australia Flinders Univ. of South australia Chubb
Australia Student Preferred Care Medical Insurance Plan Toursafe—Travel Insurance Compusure Pty Ltd.
Australia AHBS Travel Ins. Individual Policyholder
Australia Chubb Insurance Individual Policyholder
Australia CIC Insurance Individual Policyholder
Australia Cover More Individual Policyholder
Australia Mercantile Mutual Individual Policyholder
Australia NRMA—Travel Insurance Individual Policyholder
Australia STA Travel Individual Policyholder
Australia Thomas Cook Travel Cover Policy
Australia Chubb Insurance University of Western Australia
Australia U.W.A. Corporate Travel Inc. University of Western Australia
Australia Omega Yha Australia
Austria J. Van Breda & Co. International Individual Policyholder
Austria Les Assurances Générales de France U.N.I.D.O.
Austria UNIAQ Personenversicherung AG Individual Policyholder
Bahamas Cigna International & Colina Insurance Co. Atlantic Resort & Casino at Paradise
Bahamas Atlantic Medical Insurance Ltd. Individual Policyholder
Bahamas Colina Ins. Individual Policyholder
Bahamas Global Life Assurance Bahamas Ltd. Individual Policyholder
Bahamas British American Ins. Co. of Bahamas Insurance Management Limited
Bahamas Metropolitan Life Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited
Barbados Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society (The) Central Bank of Barbados
Barbados The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society CGM Insurance Brokers Limited
Belgium Aurop Assistance Individual Policyholder
Belgium Joint Sickness Ins. Scheme European Communities
Belgium Europese Goederen Individual Policyholder
Belgium J. Van Breda & Co. International Individual Policyholder
Belgium SMAP Assistance Individual Policyholder
Belgium J. Van Breda & Co. International Atomic Energy
Belgium J. Van Breda & Co. International Islamic Development Bank
Bermuda Argus Group Individual Policyholder
Bermuda Freisenhruch Meyer Gr. American Inter Company
Bermuda Harnett & Richardson Limited American Life Insurance Company
Bermuda Somers Isles Insurance Company Ltd. Argus Insurance Company Limited
Bermuda Colonial Medical Ins. Co. Bermuda Security Group
Bermuda Colonial Medical Insurance Co. Ltd. CIGNA International
Insurance Managers Ltd.
Bermuda BF&M Life  Individual Policyholder
Bermuda BF&M Life Insurance Company Conyers, Dill & Pearman
Bermuda Somers Isles Insurance Company Limited Deloitte & Touche
Bermuda BF&M Life Insurance Company Everrich Jewellery
Bermuda Somers Isles Insurance Co. Ltd. General & Cologne Re Bermuda Ltd.
Bermuda Somers Isles Insurance Company Limited H.A. & E. Smith Limited
Bermuda Colonial Medical Individual Policyholder
Bermuda East Asia Aetna Insurance Company Individual Policyholder
Bermuda Crown Life Kitson & Company Ltd.
Bermuda Colonial Medical Premium Health
Bermuda The Argus Group - Somers Seneral & Cologne
Bermuda Argus Group Somers Isles
Bermuda BF&M Insurance Group STA/Ready Plan Insurance
Bermuda Kitson & Canada Life Assurance Individual Policyholder
Denmark Travel Insurance Policy for Danish Government Employees Danish Government
Denmark International Health Insurance (IHI) Study Trip Insurance Individual Policyholder
Denmark Gouda Insurance Individual Policyholder
Europaeiske Rejseforskring Individual Policyholder
ACE Insurance Individual Policyholder
England Go Travel Insurance Individual Policyholder
Finland Euro Oppalainen Insurance
Individual Policyholder
Finland Sampo Insurance Individual Policyholder
Finland Sampo Insurance Company Individual Policyholder
France Crystal + AIPS Assistance
France AIG Europe American International Group
France AIG Europe Individual Policyholder
France Uni-Europe A.S.F.E.
France CRYSTAL Association Inernational de Prévoyance Sociale
France AIG Europe Assurance-Voyages & Assistance
France April Insurance AYA Assistance
France Sécurité Sociale Française Caisse des Français à l'Étranger
France Europ Assistance France CIES - Centre International des Étudiants et Stagiaires
France Cigna Council Paris
France ACE Europe Travel Insurance Council UK
France CEGAP Gan Assurances
France AIG Europe Individual Policyholder
France AIPS Individual Policyholder
France Caisse Primaire d'assurance
maladie du Metz
Individual Policyholder
France Europ Assistance Individual Policyholder
France Goudze Verzekering Maatschpij  Individual Policyholder
France Inter Mutuelles Assistance Individual Policyholder
France Interstage Individual Policyholder
France Le Blanc De Nicolay Individual Policyholder
France MIS Extra Pass Individual Policyholder
France Mutuelle Nationale des Étudiants de france Individual Policyholder
France Sheba Individual Policyholder
(Paris) France Interstage IRAM
France Global Partner La Concorde
France Mutuelle Générale des Cheminots Mutualité Française
France MGEL Mutuelle Complémentaire
France Interstage Mutuelle Nationale des Étudiants de France
France AIG-Europe Plan santé international
France AVA Plan santé international
France A.I.G. Europe Sarl Smeb Assure
France Courtage International Sécurité Sociale Caisse des Français de l'étranger
France Alliance & Axa S.F.A.
France Mutuelle Nationale Militaire SMEBA
France World Pass SMEREP Mutuelle
France AIG Europe Student International Insurance
Germany Die Contienentale Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Germany Deutsche Krankenversicherung DKV
Germany Dentshe Krankenversicherung Gregor Frank
Germany Die Continentale Group Insurance
Germany Helvetia Helsana Versicherungen AG
Germany Barmenia Individual Policyholder
Germany Berlin-Kolnische Versicherungen Individual Policyholder
Germany BHV German Insurance Coverage Individual Policyholder
Germany Central Krankenversicherang Individual Policyholder
Germany Colonia Individual Policyholder
Germany DBV Individual Policyholder
Germany Debeka Individual Policyholder
Germany Debeka
Individual Policyholder
Germany Deutscher Ring Individual Policyholder
Germany DKV Individual Policyholder
Germany DKV Deutshce Krankerversicherung Individual Policyholder
Germany DMD Plan Individual Policyholder
Germany Europa
Individual Policyholder
Germany German DKV Individual Policyholder
Germany HanseMerkur AG Travel Individual Policyholder
Germany HIS Barmenia Individual Policyholder
Germany Partner-Gruppe
Kranekenversicherung AG
Individual Policyholder
Germany Suddeutsche A.G. Individual Policyholder
Germany Suddeutsche Krankenversicherung Individual Policyholder
Germany Vereinte Krankenversicherung Individual Policyholder
Germany Vereinte Versicherrungen Individual Policyholder
Germany Versicherungs Bayerische Individual Policyholder
Germany Goudse Verzekering
Maatschappij N.V.
ISIS Travel
Germany UKV Die Krankenverslcherung  Individual Policyholder
Grand Cayman
British American Individual Policyholder Insurance Company Caribbean Utilities Company
Hong Kong UniCover Travel Insurance Guardian Insurance
Hong Kong American International Assurance Tsui Kwok Ken
Hungary QBE Atlasz Biztosito Assist Card Classic
Hungary NGEN — MAIF Individual Policyholder
Iceland The State Social Sec. Inst. of Iceland Individual Policyholder
India The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. General Insurance Corp. of India
The New India Ins. Co. Individual Policyholder
Indonesia P.T. Asuransi AIU Indonesia Individual Policyholder
Iran  World Wide Travel Ins. Individual Policyholder
Ireland Blue Insurance Student Travel Individual Policyholder
Ireland World Assistance Health Care Eurocross
Ireland Global Health Care Individual Policyholder
Ireland ACE Europe Student Travel Insurance Individual Policyholder
Ireland Royal & Sun Alliance Individual Policyholder
Italy FAO Individual Policyholder
New Zealand AIG - Travel American Home Assurance Co.
New Zealand EasyWay Travel Insurance Individual Policyholder
New Zealand New Zealand Insurance Individual Policyholder
New Zealand Tower Insurance Individual Policyholder
Norway Folketrygdkontoretfor
Research Council of Norway (The)
Pakistan Iftikhar Arain Consolate of Pakistan
Peru Generali Peru Individual Policyholder
Philippines Ingle Health Consulate General of the Philippines
Russia Ingosstrakh Insurance Company Individual Policyholder
Russia Rosno Assistance Poccnackoe Ctpaxoboe Hapoahoe Ogwectbo
Russia ROSNO Insurance Russian Government
Scotland Zurich Insurance - Cover Sum Insured Glasgow Caledonian University
Scotland NFU Mutual & Avon Group Individual Policyholder
Scotland Travel Bond Young Traveller Individual Policyholder
Scotland AIG University of Aberdeen
Scotland ISIS International University of St. Andrews 
Travel Service
Singapore HartFord Ins.Company Individual Policyholder
Spain Colonial Life Ins. Individual Policyholder
Spain Europ Assistance to Spain Individual Policyholder
Spain Assistencia Sanitaria Collegial Inter Partner Assistance
Sweden FOLKSAM AND Sweden
Sweden Skandia AON Sweden AB
Sweden Globe Parter Assistance Étudiants
Sweden Kammarkillegeit - The Swedish State's Insurance During Education Abroad Individual Policyholder
Sweden Folksam Central Study Assistance Committee
Sweden Skandia CSN Study Insurance
Sweden AOM Sweden AB Individual Policyholder
Sweden AON Sweden AB Individual Policyholder
Sweden Europaeiske's Travel Insurance Individual Policyholder
Sweden Folksam Individual Policyholder
Sweden Gouda Rejseforsibring Individual Policyholder
Sweden Lansforsakringar Skane Individual Policyholder
Sweden Lansforsakringar Vasterbotten Individual Policyholder
Sweden P&C Insurance Company Limited Individual Policyholder
Sweden TRYGG HANSA Individual Policyholder
Sweden Bain Clarksen for the Swedish National Board of Student Aid
Sweden  Skandia Swedish National Board of Student Aid
Switzerland Caisse Maladie Krakenkasse Individual Policyholder
Switzerland CSS Versicherung Individual Policyholder
Switzerland Supra Individual Policyholder
Switzerland Swica Gesundheitserganisation Individual Policyholder
Switzerland Helvetta & KVG Swiss Health Care Insurance Act
Switzerland Self-insured U.N. Staff Society Mutual Insurance Against Sickness & Accident
Taiwan ING Individual Policy
United Kingdom British United Provident Association BUPA International
United Kingdom Sedgwick UK Limited Edinburg College of Art
United Kingdom Sun Alliance Individual Policyholder
Uruguay Self-insured  Embassy of Uruguay 
U.S.A. Aetna US Healthcare through Microsoft Individual Insurance
U.S.A. NYLCare Health Plans Aetna
(Delaware) U.S.A. Blue Cross Blueshield Alliance Benefits Enrol.
U.S.A. Self-insured American Foreign Service
Protective Association
U.S.A. Self-insured Archdiocese of Boston
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Associates in Rural Development Inc.
U.S.A. Blue Cross Blueeshield of Maine Aya Assistance
U.S.A. Prudential Balchem Corporation
U.S.A. Self-insured Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. E.B.P.A.
U.S.A. Blue Shield of Iowa Blue Cross
U.S.A. Self-insured Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City
U.S.A. Self-insured Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois
U.S.A. Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield Catholic Diosese of  Richmond
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Catholic Diocese of  Syracuse (The)
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield City of St. Albans
(New York)
U.S.A. Preferred Care  City of Rochester
U.S.A. United Health Care Coca Cola Enterprises
U.S.A. Cigna Colgate - Palmolive Co.
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Community Blue HMO
U.S.A. HMO Community Health Plan
U.S.A. Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Dakota Comp Choice
U.S.A. John Hancock Dana Corporation
U.S.A. Christian Brothers Employees Trust Diocese of Raleigh
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Diocese of Rochester
U.S.A. Self-insured Diocese of  St. Petersburg
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Envirosource Inc. Health Care Plan
U.S.A. Northwestern National Life Insurance Evangelical Health Systems Corporation
U.S.A. Mutual of Omaha FBIS
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employees Program
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Fenn School Inc. (The)
U.S.A. USIA Fullbright Program
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield General Motors Health Care Program
U.S.A. Blue Cross - Blue Shield Hamden Education Association
U.S.A. Allianz Life Ins. Co.
of North America
Hinchcliffe International Inc.
Preferred Health Plan
U.S.A. ACE Insurance Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Anthem Life Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. ASPE Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Choice of Finger Lakes Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnessota Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Pennsylvania Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rochester Individual Policyholder
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of West NY Individual Policyholder
U.S.A.  BUPA International Individual Policyholder
Harbour Group Individual Policyholder
Imedi L. Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Independent Health Individual Policyholder
Independent Health Individual Policyholder 
U.S.A. Ingle Health Plan Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. La Trobe University Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. (Massachussets) GE Financial Individual Policyholder
Mega Life  & Health Insurance Individual Policyholder
Mennonite Mutual Aid Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. MESSA Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. MIT Health Plan Individual Policyholder
(New York)
New York State Dept of Civil Serv. Individual Policyholder
(New York)
New York State Empire Plan Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. North Carolina State University Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. NYL Care Health Plans Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Physicians Health Plan Individual Policyholder
Royal & Sun Alliance Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. United Health Care Individual Policyholder
New York
Univera Health Care Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. World Health Organization Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. World Student Ins. Individual Policyholder
U.S.A. Self-insured International Monetary Fund
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Iowa Private Colleges & Universities
U.S.A. Self-insured Jesuit Health Trust
U.S.A. Blue Choice Johnson and Johnson Clinical Diagnostics Inc.
U.S.A. Aetna Kent State University
U.S.A. Aetna Life Loral Defense Systems
U.S.A. Blue Cross - Blue Shield Lutheran Services Northeast
U.S.A. Aetna Life Marion Merrell Dow Inc.
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield May Washington College — Commonwealth of Virginia
U.S.A. Self-insured Mayo Comprehensive Medical Care
U.S.A. Self-insured Mercury Marine
U.S.A. Blue Cross Blueshield of Michigan Michigan Catholic Conference
U.S.A. (Minesota) Blue Cross Blue Shield 3M Medical Insurance
U.S.A. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Motorola
U.S.A. Self-insured  Newmont Gold Company 
U.S.A. Metropolitan Health  New York State Health Ins.
U.S.A.  CIGNA  Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation 
U.S.A. CIGNA International Northern Telecom 
U.S.A. World Health Organization  NYLCARE/WORLD BANK GROUP 
(New York)
Ind. Health Association  Our Savior Lutheran Church 
U.S.A. Delaware American Life Insurance  Philippine Consulate General 
U.S.A. HMO Physicians Health Services (Connecticut) 
U.S.A. Health Services Medical Corporation of Central New York Inc.  Prepaid Health Plan 
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Chubb Life America  Prisoners' Legal Services of New York 
U.S.A.  Gulf South Administrators  Roman Catholic Church-Diocese of Houma 
U.S.A. Massachussetts Mutual Life Insurance Company  Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield 
U.S.A. Hinchcliff International  Rotary International 
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield  Roxbury Township Board of Education — New Jersey State Health Benefits 
U.S.A.  Lloyds of London  Royal Thai Embassy 
U.S.A. Independent Health  Samuel Son & Co. Inc. 
U.S.A.  Reliance National Insurance Co.  Seabury & Smith 
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield  Seton Hall University 
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield  Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital 
EMC group  Star Marketing & Admin 
U.S.A.  HIH Casualty and General Insurance  STA Travel 
U.S.A. HMO St. Lawrence-Lewis Counties School District 
Embassy of the United Aram Emirates  StudentScholarship
U.S.A. Markel Insurance  The Harbour Group 
U.S.A.  Aetna Health Care  The World Bank Group 
U.S.A.  MetLife  Tiffany & Co.
U.S.A. Aetna United Nations 
U.S.A.  Self-insured  Unit of Maine 
U.S.A.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield  University of North Alabama 
U.S.A.  American Bankers Life Assurance Co. of Florida  University of Toledo 
U.S.A.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield  U.S. Embassy 
U.S.A. Blue Cross/Blue Shield  U.S. Government 
U.S.A. Cda-Felbright Program  U.S. Information Agency Group
Acc. & Sickness Program 
U.S.A. Cigna  Valsic Foods International 
U.S.A. Harris Trust and Savings Bank  Wisconsin Public Service Corporation 
U.S.A. NYL Care Health Plans  World Bank Group 
U.S.A.  New York Life  World Bank (The)
U.S.A. Self-insured  World Courier Group 
U.S.A.  Care Med Travel Insurance  World Intern Partner