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What is UHIP?

UHIP is basic health care insurance for non-resident students and employees at participating universities. The plan covers medically necessary services and supplies covered by OHIP including in-patient and out-patient hospital services, physician services, laboratory and diagnostic testing and home care services.

What is the difference between UHIP and Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP)?

OHIP does not cover international non-residents studying or working at an Ontario university. Instead, UHIP was created to make sure they have basic health care coverage while in the province. UHIP is very similar - though not equivalent - to OHIP. UHIP provides coverage for the same medically necessary services and supplies that Ontario residents receive under OHIP. 

Reimbursement features

UHIP provides reimbursement at 125% of the OHIP fee schedule. If services are billed at a rate higher than 125% of the OHIP fee schedule, the amount in excess of that level will not be reimbursed to plan members. All claims are processed according to OHIP codes listed on the fee guide.

Claim Process

Please contact to receive guidance on how to submit a claim or learn how to become part of the Sun Life Preferred Provider Network.

If you have any questions about a claim that you submitted please contact us at 1-877-250-8447 (UHIP).

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UHIP - University Health Insurance Plan

The information presented on this website summarizes the main aspects of UHIP. Your actual benefits from UHIP will be determined according to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract with the UHIP insurer. No typographical or mechanical error made by a university or any of the parties to the UHIP insurance contract will invalidate insurance otherwise in force, or continue insurance otherwise terminated under the insurance policy's terms and conditions.

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