We are taking our guidance from public health agencies at the local, provincial and federal levels in Canada. These agencies are working together with Ontario’s health care system to monitor, detect and treat any cases of COVID-19. You can be confident that UHIP coverage for eligible members remains unchanged. Click to see what we cover.

For timely and credible information, please check your university website or access the following:
COVID-19 Vaccinations
COVID-19 Self Assessment
COVID Alert Mobile App
Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us!

Full-time, part-time, ESL & non-degree students Your University will enroll you in UHIP. They will charge the cost to your student accounts.
Employee/short-term visitor You need to complete a UHIP application form. Take your form in person to the UHIP office at the University.

If your dependants are with you while you study or work in Ontario, they must get UHIP coverage.

That depends on the number of people you are enrolling and how long you’ll need coverage. The UHIP Premium Table shows current coverage rates and can help you calculate the cost of UHIP.
An additional insurance plan can offer you added protection, but you must still enroll in UHIP. There are a few situations where you may not have to be covered under.
Contact your University UHIP Plan Administrator to ask if you’re eligible to cancel your coverage.
The policy year ends on August 31 each year. If you have paid for UHIP past August 31, your University will re-enroll you in UHIP for September 1 and a new coverage card will be issued to you.
UHIP does not cover this cost but your University supplementary health insurance plan may. Please contact your University to ask about that plan.
A Preferred Provider is a health care provider who will bill Sun Life directly, at UHIP rates.
Yes, but you will likely need to pay the doctor directly. Take a UHIP claim Form with you for the doctor to fill in and sign. You then send the claim to Sun Life for payment. Keep in mind that UHIP will only pay you back at UHIP rates.
UHIP pays 125% of the rates in the OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) Schedule of Benefits. If the health care provider bills for more than that amount you won’t receive the full amount back. You will have to pay the difference.
If you provided your UHIP member card and had to pay for services please email Please include a copy of your bill, receipt of services and a copy of your UHIP coverage card.
Email1 your claim form to Sun Life
Subject line should read 050150 and include your UHIP Member ID
Attach all invoices/receipts (keep copies for your record)

Mail your claim form to Sun Life:
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, Claims Department
PO BOX 2015 STN Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 0B1

Include all invoices/receipts (keep copies for your record)

1Although Sun Life uses reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of the email content it sends and receives, by not using your University email account to email your claim form to Sun Life, the privacy or security of your email communication cannot be guaranteed.

There is coverage for members age 19 and under, or 65 and over. These members get one eye exam per year by a physician, ophthalmologist, or optometrist. If you need more frequent eye examinations contact for preauthorization.
If you or your dependant must have the surgery in a hospital, you may be eligible for this service. Reasons for this may be:
  • Physically and or mentally challenged.
  • Immunocompromised.
  • Cardiac issue.
  • Undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
Please contact for preauthorization.
UHIP covers certain dental surgeries:
  • Corrective jaw surgery.
  • Reconstructive surgery.
  • Cyst removal.
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) surgery.
  • Trauma.
  • Bone grafting.
The surgery must be medically necessary and the hospital’s staff must perform the surgery.
If you think you may require dental surgery in hospital, please email for preauthorization.
TIP: Also check with your University Plan Administrator since you may have dental coverage from your supplemental health plan at the University.
UHIP covers services related to pregnancy, including prenatal and postnatal care. You get coverage even if the pregnancy began prior to your UHIP start date.
TIP: access the Preferred Provider Network to find labs and diagnostic centres that accept UHIP.
Keep in mind:
  • Physician charges at up to 125% of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Schedule of Benefits.
  • We use same criteria and conditions as OHIP for covering genetic testing. This requires paperwork from a physician or genetics counselor. If your hospital asks for payment upfront, Sun Life will reimburse eligible expenses. Please contact if you have any questions about this expense.
  • Your newborn baby may be eligible for OHIP, which is the basic provincial insurance in Ontario. The hospital will provide you with forms to apply. It is your responsibility to complete this information as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will receive a bill. Please contact your local ServiceOntario for more details about OHIP.
  • If your baby is not eligible for OHIP, add them as a dependent to your UHIP policy as soon as you can. Please contact your University Administrator to purchase UHIP for the baby. Give your baby’s new UHIP member ID to the hospital billing office.
UHIP covers routine vaccines for infants and children. Find out about the recommended vaccine schedule for babies and children.
UHIP will cover medically necessary vaccinations up to 125% of the OHIP Schedule of Benefits.
UHIP doesn’t cover the HPV vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccine (flu shot). However, UHIP will cover the cost of the administration of the vaccine at UHIP rates.
TIP: Your extended health care plan through your University may cover the vaccine cost. Please contact your University for more details.
UHIP doesn’t cover the full cost. UHIP provides the same coverage as Ontario residents with OHIP coverage. The coverage is for the same conditions, criteria and cost.
The conditions for coverage are:
  • You have valid UHIP coverage at the time.
  • A physican deems the ambulance service is medically necessary.
  • Sun Life considers the service reasonable (at Sun Life’s discretion).
  • Your ambulance trip starts and ends in Ontario.
The charge for one-way ambulance services in Ontario is currently $240. Sun Life will pay $195. You pay for the remaining $45.
TIP: Your extended health care plan through your University may cover the remaining balance of $45.
UHIP members have coverage for homecare services as prescribed by a physician.
UHIP doesn’t cover homecare through CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) or the LHIN (Local Health Integration Network).
If you require homecare services, please contact

UHIP uses the same criteria as OHIP (Ontario’s provincial health plan) to determine eligibility for physiotherapy.
If you had an injury/illness that resulted in a hospital admission, you may be eligible for physiotherapy.
If you think you may be eligible based on the description below please contact to request a preauthorization.

Type of injury requiring physiotherapy Age 19 to 64 Age 18 and under or over age 65
Non-complex injury or surgery that did not require in-patient stay (for example, ACL repair, arthroscopy, rotator cuff surgery). Not eligible for physiotherapy. Eligible for private physiotherapy. Maximum coverage of $312.
Complex injury or surgery or neurological injury that required an overnight stay in hospital (for example, knee or hip replacement or stroke). Eligible for hospital physiotherapy and private physiotherapy clinic. Maximum coverage of $312. Eligible for hospital physiotherapy and private physiotherapy clinic. Maximum coverage of $312.

TIP: Your extended health care plan through your University may offer some coverage for physiotherapy.
Sun Life will not pay for the cost of:
  • Services not currently provided by OHIP, changes to OHIP will not be adopted unless approved by the UHIP Steering Committee.
  • Physician and hospital charges above those set out in the group policy.
  • Charges incurred by a covered person for which he/she is entitled to obtain benefits or reimbursement under any other plan, or which would be provided without charge in the absence of coverage.
  • Cosmetic surgery, unless such surgery is required as a result of injury caused by an accident that occurred while the covered person’s coverage is in force and would be covered by OHIP.
  • Medical examinations and tests required for immigration purposes or by a third party.
  • Expenses for traveling time or mileage, or advice given by telephone; court testimony, preparation of records, reports, certificates or communications; group examinations, immunizations or inoculations (other than routine immunizations for children).
  • Physicians’ services or examinations for screenings, except those covered by OHIP, surveys or research purposes.
  • Laboratory services or clinical pathology, unless specifically included as an eligible expense.
  • Acupuncture procedures.
  • Eyeglasses, frames or contact lenses.
  • Private-duty nursing, except under Homecare (with preauthorization from
  • Hospital visits solely for the administration of drugs.
  • Drugs, whether prescribed or not (unless administered during a hospital stay), except as set out under the eligible expenses provision of the group policy.
  • Dental care services, except as set out under Dental Surgery, when performed in a hospital.
  • Transportation and accommodations.
UHIP covers the cost of eligible services such as:
  • Hospital visits.
  • Physician services.
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests.
Your University supplemental plan covers the cost of eligible expenses such as:
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Dental visits.
  • Travel coverage.
The plans offer different types of coverage but together they give you comprehensive coverage while in Canada.
Your UHIP Plan Administrator at your University can help you apply for a refund.
Please contact the UHIP plan administrator at your University to get it corrected. Sun Life can’t make these changes.
Please complete a UHIP claim form for an unpaid bill and send it to Sun Life.
Be sure to include:
  • The diagnosis or reason for the visit.
  • That Sun Life should pay the hospital (under Section 3 on the form).
In Canada
UHIP provides the same coverage for emergency medical expenses as OHIP (Ontario’s provincial health plan).
A medical emergency is an acute injury or illness. It poses an immediate risk to a person's life or long-term health.

How it works:
  • Always make sure to complete a claim form and include the original receipts for your medical expenses.
  • Under UHIP, if you need emergency service, you will have to pay the hospital or medical provider directly. Always make sure to complete a claim form and get the original receipts for your medical expenses. You will need to send these documents to Sun Life for reimbursement.

Out of Canada or out of province
UHIP provides minimal out-of country for emergency medical expenses. A medical emergency is an acute injury or illness. It poses an immediate risk to a person's life or long-term health.
This may not be enough to cover your medical expenses (see Emergency Services outside Ontario or Canada).
We strongly recommend you purchase additional private travel insurance1 to cover significant out-of-pocket expenses.

How it works:
  • Under UHIP, if you need emergency service, you will have to pay the hospital or medical provider directly.
  • Always make sure to complete a claim form and get the original receipts for your medical expenses.
  • You will need to send these documents to Sun Life for reimbursement.
TIP: Your extended health care plan through your University may have a provision for out of country or out of province insurance. Please contact your University.

1Please note: UHIP does not endorse nor advertise any particular private coverage plan. It is your sole responsibility to research a private coverage plan that is right for you.

The information presented on this website summarizes the main aspects of UHIP. Your actual benefits from UHIP will be determined according to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract with the UHIP insurer. No typographical or mechanical error made by a University or any of the parties to the UHIP insurance contract will invalidate insurance otherwise in force, or continue insurance otherwise terminated under the insurance policy's terms and conditions.
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