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    Enrolling in UHIP

    • How do I enroll?
      Full-time, part-time, ESL & non-degree students Your University will do this for you and charge the cost to your student accounts. Check with your university to confirm whether it extends coverage to ESL or non-degree students.
      Employee/short-term visitor You need to complete a UHIP application form. Take your form to the UHIP office at the University. Check with your university to confirm whether it extends coverage for short-term visitors.
    • Can my family members join?

      Yes. If your spouse or dependent children are living with you while you study or work in Ontario, they must get UHIP coverage. Parents or siblings are ineligible.

    • How much does UHIP cost?

      That depends on the number of people you are enrolling and how long you’ll need coverage. The UHIP Premium Table shows current premium rates.

    • I have my own insurance plan. Do I still need UHIP?

      Yes. UHIP’s primary healthcare coverage is mandatory. Students who are covered by diplomatic or government-bought plans may be exempt and can opt out.

    • What if I enroll late?

      Students: You must pay your premium as of the first day of your term.
      Employees: You must pay your premium as of your employment start date.

      Dependants: You will need to pay a $500 late application fee if you don’t enroll your dependants within 30 days of the date they’re eligible. You must pay premium back to the first day of your term (or date of employment), or the date your dependants became eligible for UHIP. There’s no discount for the time they had no coverage if you were late enrolling them

    • Why does my UHIP coverage card show an August 31 termination date?

      The policy year ends each August 31. If you have paid for UHIP past August 31, your University will re-enroll you in UHIP for September 1 and a new coverage card will be issued to you.

    • The information on my coverage card is incorrect. Who do I contact?

      Please contact the UHIP plan administrator at your University to get it corrected. Cowan can’t make these changes.

    Your Coverage

    • What is the difference between UHIP and the university supplementary health and dental plan?

      UHIP covers health care services, similar to OHIP, such as doctor visits, hospitalization and lab services.  A complete list of OHIP services and fees for Ontario residents can be found in the OHIP Schedule of Benefits

      Your university supplementary health and dental plan covers services such as prescription drugs, eye examinations, dental visits, and travel. These plans are separate from your UHIP coverage. Contact your University to learn about the supplementary health and dental insurance coverage.

    • Is there coverage for eye exams?

      UHIP has limited coverage for members age 19 and under or 65 and over. These members get one eye exam per year by a physician, ophthalmologist, or optometrist. Certain medical conditions require more frequent eye examinations. Contact case.mgmt@cowangroup.ca for pre-authorization.

      Check if there is coverage under your university supplementary health and dental plan.

    • Is there coverage for wisdom teeth removal?

      UHIP has coverage in rare medical instances, where this surgery can only be done in a hospital Please contact case.mgmt@cowangroup.ca  to see if you are eligible and for pre-authorization.

      Check if there is coverage under your university supplementary health and dental plan.

    • Is there coverage for prescription drugs/eyeglasses/massage?

      No. Check if there is coverage under your university supplementary health and dental plan.

    • Is there coverage for pregnancy and newborn-related charges?
    • Does UHIP cover the cost of vaccinations?

      UHIP covers routine vaccines for infants and children. Find out about the recommended vaccine schedule for infants and children. UHIP doesn’t cover the HPV vaccine. However, UHIP will cover the cost of the administration of the vaccine at UHIP rates. Check if there is coverage under your university supplementary health and dental plan.

      COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters, and seasonal influenza vaccines at public health clinics or pharmacies are covered by the Ontario government.

    • Does UHIP cover the full cost of an ambulance to a hospital in an emergency?

      Like OHIP, there is a service fee that the patient pays for ambulance in Ontario.  The coverage is for the same conditions, criteria and cost as OHIP. The conditions for coverage are:

      • You have valid UHIP coverage at the time.
      • A physician deems the ambulance service is medically necessary.
      • Cowan considers the service reasonable (at Cowan’s discretion).
      • Your ambulance trip starts and ends in Ontario.

      The charge for one-way ambulance services in Ontario is currently $240. Cowan pays $195. You pay for the remaining $45. Check if there is coverage under your university supplementary health and dental plan for the remaining balance.

    Using UHIP

    • What is a Preferred Provider?

      A Preferred Provider is a health care provider who will bill Cowan directly, at UHIP rates.

    • Can I receive services from a physician who is not part of the Preferred Provider Network?

      Yes. You will likely need to pay the doctor directly, and they may charge more than UHIP pays. Bring a UHIP claim form with you for the doctor to complete and sign. You then send the claim to Cowan for payment.

    • I paid for services at a Preferred Provider, what should I do?

      If you provided your UHIP card and had to pay for services please email case.mgmt@cowangroup.ca. Please include a copy of your bill, receipt of services and a copy of your UHIP card.

    • Can I submit my claim online?

      UHIP members and health care providers can submit via the online, secure portals at:

    • Why did I only get paid for some for my medical expenses?

      If the health care provider charges more than what UHIP pays, or there are expenses that aren’t eligible, you will have to pay the difference.

    • I received a bill from the hospital. What should I do?

      Please complete a UHIP claim form for an unpaid bill and send it to Cowan.
      Be sure to include:

      • The diagnosis or reason for the visit.
      • That Cowan should pay the hospital (under Section 3 on the form).
    • I’ve been admitted to hospital, what do I do?

      You must notify Cowan within 48 hours of your admission to hospital. You can email case.mgmt@cowangroup.ca or call toll free: 1-833-377-8447 (UHIP). Cowan will contact the hospital to ask them to bill Cowan directly at UHIP rates for your treatment.

      If the hospital isn’t a Preferred Provider Network member, Cowan may move you to another hospital that is. You will only move if your attending physician approves. 

      Keep in mind:

      Hospitals and physicians bill separately. While there are hospitals in the Preferred Provider Network, physicians at the hospital may not bill at UHIP rates. Tell the hospital physician that you have UHIP insurance and show your coverage card.

      Surgery or treatment that is not for a medical emergency (such as dialysis and cancer treatment), as well as semi-private and private room accommodation require Cowan’s pre-approval.

      The hospital will ask you to sign a form when you are receiving any hospital services. It confirms your financial responsibility and allows them to release your medical information to Cowan.

      If you don’t sign this form:

      1. The hospital will not give any medical information to Cowan. If Cowan cannot get the information, we can’t process your claim. This means you have to pay the hospital.
      2. You may have to pay to get your medical records/information from the hospital to send to Cowan. Cowan will not reimburse this cost.

      Please visit the hospital billing office prior to leaving the hospital. Make sure they have your UHIP coverage card information and your signed consent form.

    Other Questions

    • Do I need to renew my coverage?
      Students You will be enrolled in UHIP automatically by your university. Premiums will be charged to your student account. While you are an eligible student, your coverage renewal is automatic.

      Short-Term Visitors


      You must apply for UHIP, and pay the university. Once enrolled, you must contact the university to renew and pay your premium before your coverage end date.
    • I got a UHIP exemption but paid the premium. How do I get a refund?

      Your UHIP Plan Administrator at your University can help you apply for a refund.

    • How do I cancel my coverage?

      If you have withdrawn from your studies, left your employment, or retired, contact us.

    • How do I extend my coverage?

      Contact your UHIP Plan Administrator before your UHIP coverage ends and pay the required premium. If you have dependants, you must also extend their coverage. If they arrive during your extension, you must apply for coverage for them.

    • What is supplementary health and dental insurance?

      In Ontario, many citizens and permanent residents have a private health insurance plan, not just OHIP (the Ontario provincial health plan). This private insurance gives them coverage for services OHIP or UHIP doesn’t cover (e.g. prescription drugs, dental care).

      Many participating Universities offer supplementary health and dental insurance through its student or employee unions. These plans are separate from your UHIP coverage. Contact your University to learn about the supplementary health and dental insurance coverage.


    • Authorization Document

      A study or work permit, or other documentation providing temporary permission to live, work or study in Ontario. Document must be issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

    • Child/Children

      A natural or legally adopted child, stepchild or child for whom the eligible student or employee is legal guardian. The child must be unmarried, live with the student or employee, and dependent on the student, employee, or visitor for support. Dependant children must be under age 22, or under age 25 if studying full-time at an accredited educational institution. Disabled dependants, as defined by UHIP, are covered beyond the limiting age. (proof of disability and its continuation may be required by Cowan) (See the sample below for the Eligibility of Disabled Child/Children)

      Child, age 28, full-time student and disabled before age 25, before member applies Eligible for UHIP
      Child, age 28, disabled after age 25, before member applies Not eligible for UHIP
      Child, age 18, covered by UHIP, becomes disabled Eligible for continued UHIP
      Child, age 20, covered by UHIP, not a full-time student, turns 21, and becomes disabled at age 22 Not eligible for UHIP
    • Dependant

      A dependant is the spouse /or child(ren) of the member.

    • Fraud

      The intentional deception or misrepresentation that an individual knows to be false or does not believe to be true and makes, knowing that the deception could result in some unauthorized benefit to himself/herself or some other person.

    • Full-time Student

      A full-time regular and term student who:

      • holds a valid study permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,
      • is registered in any given semester in an approved degree program, as defined by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities,
      • is a temporary resident who has been approved by an immigration officer to study in Canada, as defined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,
      • has paid a required tuition fee for the program,
      • is in regular attendance, as defined by regulations of the participating University, and
      • is actively pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree.
    • Manulife/Cowan

      UHIP is insured by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife) and administered by Cowan Insurance Ltd (Cowan) under policy number 150150.
      Inquiries should be directed to Cowan at:
      Phone: 1-833-377-8447 (UHIP)

    • Member

      Any undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate student (full-time or part-time), a short-term visitor associated with a participating University, or an employee of a participating University.

    • Non-Resident

      A person who does not normally live in Canada.

    • OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

      The provincial health care plan provided to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Ontario by the Ontario government.

    • Out of Country

      Outside of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.

    • Out-of-Pocket Expense

      The portion or entirety of an expense for services that is not eligible for reimbursement and that is the financial responsibility of the member. An out-of-pocket expense may result from a fee for service that exceeds the maximum eligible reimbursement amount or for a service that is not covered under UHIP.

    • Participating University or Affiliated College

      Ontario Universities and affiliated colleges whose non-resident students and employees must enroll in UHIP:

      Algoma University Toronto Metropolitan University
      Brock University Trent University
      Carleton University Université de l’Ontario français
      Lakehead University University of Guelph
      Laurentian University University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Ontario Tech)
      McMaster University University of Ottawa
      Nipissing University University of Toronto
      OCAD University University of Waterloo
      Queen’s University University of Western Ontario
      Royal Military College of Canada Wilfrid Laurier University
      Saint Paul University York University
    • Part-time Student

      A student who was previously enrolled as a full-time student and who:

      • has been approved by a participating University to continue studies on a part-time basis,
      • holds a valid study permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,
      • is registered in an approved degree program, as defined by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities,
      • is registered in an English as a Second Language program and/or non-degree program at a participating University,
      • has paid the required tuition fee for the program,
      • is in attendance as defined by regulations of the participating University for a part-time student,
      • is actively pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree that the student will be able complete within the generally established timeframe for the program, as established by the participating University, and
      • is enrolled as a part time student for a maximum of 6 semesters.
    • Pre-Approved Plans

      Plans that have been pre-approved by Cowan as offering coverage equal to UHIP. Members of a pre-approved plan are eligible for UHIP exemption.

    • Preferred Provider Network

      A network of hospitals and clinics established by Cowan to assist members by limiting out-of-pocket exposure and providing health care providers with direct billing to Cowan.

    • Premium

      The amount paid or to be paid by the member for coverage under UHIP.

    • Short-Term University Visitors

      Individuals who are at a participating University for a brief, defined period of time, not necessarily related to an academic term, including:

      • visiting scholars
      • international researchers
      • conference participants
      • other
    • Spouse or Common-Law Partner

      Your spouse by marriage or under any other formal union recognized by law, or your partner of the opposite sex or of the same sex who has been publicly represented as your spouse for at least the last 12 months, is an eligible dependant. You can only cover one spouse at a time.

    • Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance

      Insurance that provides additional coverage for services that are not covered under UHIP (e.g. prescription drugs, dental care). These plans are separate from your UHIP coverage.

    • UHIP Plan Administrator

      The person or persons designated by each University to enroll eligible participants in the plan and perform related administrative duties

    Find a Clinic/Doctor/Lab

    Knowing which health care providers accept UHIP is important and can save you money! Access Cowan’s Preferred Provider Network and find a health care provider close to you that will bill Cowan directly for medical services – at UHIP rates.


    Have a question about UHIP’s coverage, your claim, or how to update your information?