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    UHIP is a primary healthcare plan for those studying and working at universities in Ontario. This compulsory coverage, created in 1994 by our Universities, provides similar benefits to OHIP – Ontario’s primary healthcare plan for residents.

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    Your coverage at a glance

    UHIP’s coverage highlights and where to get more detail.

    Student Stories
    Student Stories

    Li’s Story

    Li is a new student, and like many, this is Li’s first time living away from family. It’s exciting, but there is so much information to absorb!

    Li noticed that the university’s student account had an automatic charge for UHIP. Unsure of UHIP’s purpose, what it covers, or how to download the coverage card, Li found quick answers to those questions on our Get Started page.

    Student Stories

    Fatima’s Story

    Fatima is a second-year graduate student. In a month, Fatima’s immediate family is moving here for the first time and they are so happy! Fatima’s student UHIP coverage is automatic as it was last year, but it’s single coverage. Wondering whether families are eligible and how to enrol them for UHIP, Fatima reviewed our Coverage For Your Family section, and followed the steps to get family coverage.

    Student Stories

    Lupe’s Story

    Lupe is looking for a doctor that accepts UHIP. Campus clinics are always a great option, and Lupe wants someone closer to where they live because going to a hospital for a minor illness like an ear infection could mean many hours waiting in an emergency room.

    Lupe found a clinic nearby by searching on our Find a Clinic/Doctor/Lab page, and clicking on the Preferred Provider Link to take them to Cowan’s Network.

    Find a Clinic/Doctor/Lab

    Knowing which health care providers accept UHIP is important and can save you money! Access Cowan’s Preferred Provider Network and find a health care provider close to you that will bill Cowan directly for medical services – at UHIP rates.


    Have a question about UHIP’s coverage, your claim, or how to update your information?