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    Before you register online, please check your University email inbox. You may already have received a link to access your UHIP coverage card from Cowan’s email –

    If your UHIP coverage card shows incorrect information, contact your University Plan Administrator.

    Remember to bring a paper copy of your UHIP card to your medical provider. Some providers outside of Cowan’s Preferred Provider Network may charge more than what UHIP pays. This extra cost is not covered by UHIP, and you will need to pay the difference to the provider.

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    Find a Clinic/Doctor/Lab

    Knowing which health care providers accept UHIP is important and can save you money! Access Cowan’s Preferred Provider Network and find a health care provider close to you that will bill Cowan directly for medical services – at UHIP rates.


    Have a question about UHIP’s coverage, your claim, or how to update your information?